FIDI provides assistance to its agents facing a dispute with a fellow FIDI Affiliate through an informal mediation process by the FIDI Office or through an amicable arbitration process by independent FIDI Industry Experts (FIDI Industry Experts Scheme Manual).

The Industry Experts schemel has been created in 2012 to assist the Board and the FIDI Office with specific assignments and to provide them with guidance, recommendations and decisions in specific areas. Assignments may include amicable arbitration cases, industry matters, etc.
Amicable arbitration is the main area the FIDI Industry Experts Panel worked on since its creation: If FIDI Affiliates cannot resolve a dispute they can revert to FIDI. The Industry Experts Panel will analyse the case and come to conclusions in line with the industry best practice, FIDI Statutes and the FIDI Professional Co-operation Rules. The final verdict, communicated by the FIDI Office, is binding and can be enforced by the FIDI Board through a disciplinary action.

For the industry-related, amicable arbitration cases, an administrative handling fee of 500 EUR (VAT exclusive) will be charged  to the FIDI Affiliate requesting FIDI’s arbitration (the claimant). If the verdict is in favor of the claimant, the other party will be required by FIDI to pay 50% of that administrative handling fee to the claimant.

Who can be part of the Industry Experts Panel?

FIDI Affiliates interested to join the Industry Experts Panel can apply to the FIDI Office by completing the candidacy form and emailing Marie-Pascale Frix, Business Intelligence Manager at

For each assignment, the Industry Expert Panel consists of three  Experts, ideally representing different FIDI Associations, geographical regions and membership types and sizes.
For the industry-related, amicable arbitration cases, an administrative handling fee of 500 EUR (VAT exclusive) will be charged  to the FIDI Affiliate requesting FIDI’s arbitration.

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