Conference Hotel Booking FAQ

<p><strong>Q</strong> - <strong>How to book a guestroom at the Conference Hotel, the Divani Apollon Hotel &amp; Spa?</strong><br />
A &ndash; In order to book your hotel room, you access the following page <a href="">http://www.fidi...., click on the hotel online registration form link, which will direct you to the hotel reservation page, and follow the instructions.</p>
<p><strong>Q &ndash; I have tried to book your accommodation at the Divani Apollon but it I am not able to make a reservation for any other days before or after the dates of the FIDI conference?</strong><br />
A &ndash; Please contact Ms. Argyro Pagoni, at the Divani hotel (T: 00302108911100).</p>
<p><strong>Q &ndash; I am trying to make reservations at Divani Apollon Hotel, including the attendee code, but it does not seem to be working, what should I do?</strong><br />
A &ndash; To access the hotel accommodation online form, please right click the link to the hotel as displayed on the FIDI Website and select the option &ldquo;open in new window&rdquo;. You will then have access to the full page of the hotel.</p>
<p><strong>Q - Is there any special code for the hotel booking?</strong><br />
A &ndash; Yes, there is. The code required to proceed with bookings can be found on the <a href="">FIDI Conference Website Accommodation</a> page.</p>