DSP Training (Relocation)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the relocation market, the stakeholders, the services
  • Understand the basic destination services that a relocation company must provide including rate metrics and costs calculation
  • Understand your customer needs
  • Sell your services and your company
  • Structure your company, your departments, your staff in order to provide outstanding services to your customers

Who Should Attend

Online training

1 – 2 hours

Language available

Career points
For individuals: 200
For companies: 200

Registration fee
€ 300 per student
Discount will be granted on annual volume – contact academy@fidi.org

Practical Information

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  • Anyone involved in Destination Services in International Moving and Relocation business 

Topics Covered

  • Difference between Destination Services provided by moving companies and DSP providers
  • Your potential customers
  • Basic destination services
  • How to sell your services
  • Cost calculation, rate metrics
  • Cultural Awareness


  • None

Technical requirements

  • Internet access and Internet Browser
  • Adobe Flash 10 Plug-in or above

The advantages are the same as with all our e-learning solutions:

  • Your staff can learn anywhere, anytime: at their desk, at home or wherever they have an internet connection;
  • You give them access to an interactive online course: video, audio, quizzes and other tools that provide them with a variety of learning methods;
  • They can work at their own pace -- there are no time constraints;
  • Participants can gauge their progress: through tests and exercises, they can determine how well they know a topic and go back to any chapter they want to review.