The Foundations of International Moving – Module 3

Who should attend

  • New recruits in the moving industry
  • Operational and sales staff who want a complete overview or to refresh their knowledge of the international moving industry's processes and tools


  • Select the most appropriate and cost effective method of transportation for both your client and your company.
  • Realise the importance of good packing methods
  • Use the best packing material and equipment
  • Identify the major risks when moving goods
  • Understand marking and listing goods and containers
  • Understand how to load shipping containers
  • Identify storage service needs
  • Learn why and how you will sell storage
  • Identify the different types of storage possibilities
  • Identify and assess the risk of storage

Topics covered

This chapter focuses on the planning of a move, the different methods of transportation and the pros and cons of each method. And which one to select, bearing in mind profitability for your company and best timing and routing for your client.

Packing and loading:
This chapter focuses on the importance of good packing methods and the different types of packing material we must use to reduce risks and prevent damages to clients’ belongings. As well as how to mark and load containers and how to clearly list the goods.

This chapter focuses on the potential revenue from storage and the different kind of storage your client will require. Storage, as an extra service, is an important and profitable segment in our industry.



Technical requirements

Internet access and internet browser
Adobe Flash 10 Plug-in or above