The Foundations of International Moving – Module 5

Who should attend

  • New hires in the moving industry
  • Operational and sales staff who want a complete overview, or to refresh their knowledge of the international moving industry's processes and tools


  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the destination agent
  • Provide an effective destination service
  • Understand import documentation and customs clearance processes
  • Understand what is included in the delivery services
  • Understand the importance of client’s paperwork, feedback and reports
  • Handle COD …or  « cash on Delivery »
  • Understand the importance of insurance for your company and for your client
  • Know how to sell insurance
  • Understand insurance documents and conditions
  • Realise that claims are a sale opportunity
  • Handle claims efficiently and in accordance with FAIM 2.0 requirements
  • Provide a cost-effective but profitable costing and pricing solution for the client and the booker.

Topics covered

Destination Services:
This chapter explains how to perform a successful “door-to-door” move for your client and for your company with the true meaning of “Twice the movers”.  Understand the importance of your role at destination and why you need to give the most attention to the shipment and work to the best interest of all parties involved. Realise that excellent performance in your destination agent role will increase your future business opportunities.

Insurance and claims:
This chapter introduces you to the principles of insurance.  Once you understand Insurance policy terms and conditions, you can sell insurance for the benefits of both your client and your company.  In the meantime, you will know how to effectively handle claims to create future sales opportunities and work towards continuous improvement.

Costing and pricing
This chapter will explain the different components of a pricing structure, how you will develop your pricing method, keeping in mind the necessity of a sustainable profit margin versus the value for your client in a competitive market.



Technical requirements

Internet access and internet browser
Adobe Flash 10 Plug-in or above