The Foundations of International Moving – Module 2

Who should attend

  • New recruits in the moving industry
  • Operational and sales staff who want a complete overview or to refresh their knowledge of the international moving industry's processes and tools


  • Understand the possible source of leads
  • Know what information is required in order to prepare for the pre-move survey
  • Prepare your pre-move survey: what should you bring?
  • Produce an accurate survey
  • Understand client’s needs
  • Asking for the information required
  • Prepare information to give
  • Build trust
  • Communicate effectively
  • Position your company for the yes
  • Dealing with objections
  • Keep the sales cycle alive
  • Understand contract requirements
  • Understand quote and contract formats

Topics covered

First Enquiry:
This chapter is about understanding where your business comes from, making an excellent first impression with the client, determining if a pre-move survey is required and if so, how to best prepare the job of your surveyor.

Pre-Move Survey:
This chapter emphasizes on the importance of your performance and interaction with the client face-to-face, which requires you to be truly a professional and act like a “moving doctor”.  Planning to win is the vital ingredient to secure the job.

Booking the Move:
This chapter talks about “winners do what losers don’t”.  It is all about building trust and positioning for the “yes” as well as how to handle objections to be truly professional in booking the move.  

Quotation & Contract:
This chapter explains the importance of issuing a contract in accordance with the FAIM 2.0 requirements in order to protect your company and your customer.



Technical requirements

Internet access and internet browser
Adobe Flash 10 Plug-in or above