FIDI Academy programmes

Our training seminars are popular for their in-depth focus on industry issues and their practical and results-oriented nature. The classroom sessions offer a great opportunity not only to learn from experienced industry trainers but also to network and share experiences with international colleagues. Like other FIDI Academy training courses, the seminars are building blocks contributing to people’s knowledge and career in the international moving industry.

Our webinars are live online sessions led by one of the FIDI Academy tutors. The webinars are ideal for students who do not have the opportunity to attend the onsite seminars but still want to interact with tutors and others fellow students.

FIDI's E-learning courses offer the opportunity to:
- Train at their office desk, at home or anywhere with access to an internet connection
- Have greater flexibility when following a course
- Frequently assess the knowledge they gain

Tailor-made solutions: each of the academy courses can be offered to your company, group or network as an in-house package. Individual courses can be customised to fit your company's specific needs.

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