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On-line training (webinars and e-learning)

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Eligible participants
Registration Process
Discount Rules and Conditions
Cancellation Policy
Travel and Accommodation
Code of Conduct

Eligible participants:

•    FIDI Affiliates
•    FIDI applicants:
     o Who have completed and sent in their FIDI application form.
     o Who have purchased the FAIM Standard and Implementation Manuals.
     o Whose FIDI application has been validated by the FIDI office.
FIDI assumes that students work for a FIDI affiliated company and are therefore eligible to take part in the seminar.

Registration Process:

Once a student has applied for registration, FIDI will submit the registration request to the student’s manager or his company's training manager for approval. By approving the registration, the student’s employer approves his participation in the course, agrees to pay the full registration fee and takes responsibility for any necessary health, accident and liability insurance pertaining to the student.
FIDI will validate and confirm the registration only after payment of the invoice.

Discount Rules and Conditions:

On a calendar year basis (from Jan to Dec)
Discount calculated at the end of the calendar year
Discount granted on next year's registrations
Discount based on (meeting one criterion is sufficient for obtaining a discount):
•    Total amount spent with FIDI Academy
•    Total students
•    Ratio: white collars/total # of employees trained through the FIDI Academy
The discount is calculated at group level (not per location/entity/branch).
It is the responsibility of each company to track figures, records and request a discount.


Payment is via bank transfer within 30 days of receipt of FIDI's invoice.
The registration will be validated by the FIDI Office only after full payment of the invoice has been received.

Cancellation Policy:

Should you need to cancel your attendance at a seminar, you have the following options:
•    Another colleague may take the available place as long as you notify FIDI at least two weeks in advance.
•    If you do not find a replacement, the following cancellation fees will apply:
      o An administration fee of €150 is due as soon as the registration is validated by FIDI Office.
      o Notification at least three months prior to the start date: no charge.
      o Notification at least six weeks prior to the start date: 50% of the registration fee.
      o Notification less than six weeks prior to the start date: 100% of the registration fee.
FIDI reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the minimum number of participants necessary to cover the costs has not been reached. In case FIDI cancels a seminar, no cancellation fees are due. Registration fees, if already paid, will be reimbursed to all participants.

Travel and Accommodation:

Please note that FIDI will not organise your travel to the seminar, but will provide students with a list of all other attending students so that you may contact each other in advance and possibly share taxis from the airport to the hotel location.
Hotel accommodation, food and beverage is included in the training fee unless otherwise stated. In order to take a maximum advantage of the intense programme and networking opportunities, students are strongly advised to stay in the hotel where the seminar is taking place.

Code of Conduct:

The FIDI Academy seminar is not a platform for hiring or talent hunting activities. The FIDI Academy is not the platform for direct sales activities. Anyone breaking these rules will be reported to and sanctioned by FIDI.
Any significant, serious complaint from affiliates about these matters must be addressed in first instance to the Academy Manager.

1.The complaint can be addressed over the phone but needs to be confirmed in writing within 10 days with supporting facts, figures and testimonials, if any. The complaining party needs to know that if such a written complaint is made, it will become an official case for investigation.

2. In any case (written or verbal), the “accused” party will be informed of the complaint.

3. A verbal complaint will not be considered as an official case.

4. The complaint will remain confidential between the Academy Manager, the ‘accused’ party and the complainer, unless an investigation is deemed necessary by the Academy Manager.

5. After investigation, the Academy Manager will issue a report, making this report available to the complaining party and the ‘accused’ party, will log the case and - if applicable and possible - take appropriate action to avoid this kind of complaint arising again in the future.

6. If the report does not find acceptance by either party, the complaint can be escalated to the Secretary General or to the FIDI Board. The decision of the Secretary General or the FIDI Board is final.

If you need more information on our Terms & Conditions, please contact by us email: academy@fidi.org.