On-line training (webinars and e-learning)

Eligible participants
Registration Process
Prices and discounts

Eligible participants:

•    FIDI Affiliates
•    FIDI applicants
     o who have completed and sent in the FIDI application form.
     o who have purchased the FAIM Standard and Implementation Manuals.
     o whose FIDI application has been validated by the FIDI Office.
FIDI assumes that students work for a FIDI affiliated company and are therefore eligible to take part in the learning.

Registration Process:

FIDI will submit the registration request to the student’s manager or company training manager for approval. By approving the registration, the student’s employer approves his participation in the course, and agrees to pay the registration fee. Once the student’s employer approves his participation, FIDI will validate and confirm the registration.

Prices and discounts:

A flexible discount scheme can be negotiated with the FIDI Academy according to an annual volume of on-line training purchased.


Payment is via bank transfer within 30 days upon receipt of FIDI's invoice.