FIDI Charity

FIDI Global Alliance is committed to supporting charity projects in underdeveloped areas to make a real tangible difference to these communities.

Every three years, FIDI chooses a charity project that makes a real difference to people's lives. These charities are brought forward by affiliated companies who are directly involved or following the charity's activities. The FIDI community organises a number of events and activities throughout the three-year cycle, to raise funds for the chosen project. 

Our last project - Operation Smile Honduras - raised in excess of US$150,000 to help the children in Honduras with cleft and palate malformations live a happier life. Now, we are focused on our new project, Healing with Feeling in India, for 2019 to 2022. 

Every little bit helps to make a difference. You may send donations for our charity project to the bank account below:

Account n°: 731-0413143-92
IBAN: BE12 7310 4131 4392
Bank Name: KBC BANK NV (Ltd)
Tel: +32 2 545 09 46
City and Postcode: 1000 BRUSSELS
Country: BELGIUM
Reference: India donation - Healing with Feeling

Operation Smile Honduras: thank you FIDI!

FIDI Charity - Operation Smile Honduras

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