FASI: FIDI Affiliates' Secured Invoices

Secure invoices fast and easy, with FASI

What is FASI?

FASI (short for FIDI Affiliates’ Secured Invoices) is the result of a merger between the Slow Payers and the Payment Protection Plan programs, and allows you to enjoy their combined benefits in a much more accessible way.

FASI enables you to:

  • Report overdue invoices against FIDI Affiliates online;
  • Keep track of the litigation status of secured overdue invoices;
  • Follow FASI reports by other Affiliates against your company.

PPP: Payment Protection Plan

How does the PPP work?

All FIDI Affiliates make an annual contribution to the PPP Fund, which is used if needed when a FIDI Affiliate is terminated.

FIDI's Payment Protection Plan (PPP) helps you recover up to 90% of unpaid invoices, should your FIDI partner go bankrupt or be terminated from FIDI.