Slow Payers FAQ

How can I protect outstanding invoices due by another FIDI Affiliate(s)?

In order to be protected under the PPP Scheme, invoices have to be reported to FIDI and requested for intervention in a timely manner. You will be able to find the complete set of rules under the Slow Payers Scheme page and reports and requests of intervention can be done under the FIDI Console/My Slow Payers page.

Download the presentation "PPP: Rules & Hints" - a short and easy way to use the Slow Payers service.


How can I ask for FIDI’s intervention in case of outstanding invoices due by another FIDI Affiliate(s)?

To request FIDI’s intervention, you should follow 2 steps to make the file be opened.
1) Submit your request for intervention on-line by entering the information about outstanding invoice(s)  (“Create a report” and then “Create an intervention”) - For more details please see below.
2) Send a copy of the pending invoice(s) and of at least 3 reminders for the related invoice to


Is it possible to report invoices to FIDI if they are over 180 days?

In order to be protected under the PPP Scheme, invoices have indeed to be reported and requested for intervention before they are 180 days old. This in case the slow payer company resigns or is cancelled from FIDI. We may also accept invoices made to FIDI affiliates (provided they are still a member) which are maximum 2 years old.
Overall, we highly recommend to report within the 180 days, in case the FIDI agent is suddenly terminated. Please note that invoices older than 180 days and reported after this deadline will not be covered by PPP.


Can FIDI intervene for non-FIDI branches of FIDI Affiliates?

Not anymore. Since the 1st of July 2008, affiliated companies are no longer held financially responsible for their non-affiliated branches (old FIDI Bye-law 2.4 no longer existing).
You should therefore make sure that your FIDI affiliated company addresses its invoices to the FIDI member's name and address. (and not to the non-FIDI branch one)


My Slow Payers - How can I report unpaid invoices on the FIDI website?

To submit a request on the FIDI website, please log into > Console > My Slow Payers.

1) First step: Report the oustanding invoices (older than 90 days) on a monthly basis

  • Please go to the tab “Create a Report” for new invoices to be entered.
  • Each invoice will have to be inputted one by one.
  • At this step of the procedure, FIDI will not be informed that invoices are oustanding, but invoices will be saved in the system.

2) Second step: If necessary, request FIDI's intervention

  • Please go under the tab “Create a Litigation File”.
  • Select the company that has been reported under “My Slow Payers File Overview”.
  • Tick the invoices you would like to appear in the litigation request.
  • Click on submit to send your intervention request.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from the system that your on-line litigation request has been received by FIDI.

3) Third step to complete your intervention request file: provide to FIDI the invoice(s) and reminders copy.


My Slow Payers -  Is FIDI informed of the reported invoices?

When you create a report, the invoices are stored in the system but the FIDI office is not informed about these invoices.
The FIDI office is informed only when you request FIDI’s intervention by going to the tab “Create a litigation file” and select the invoices for which you’d like FIDI to intervene. (as explained in the previous question).


My Slow Payers - Update the FIDI website about a received payment

You will find back all your reported invoices under “My Slow Payers File Overview”.
If reported invoices have been paid, you can remove them from the system by clicking on the little red cross at the end of the line.
If the paid invoices are part of an opened litigation, please send us an email to and we will update/close the litigation file.


What is the “reasonable” lapse of time between each reminder in order to comply?

We recommend that an outstanding invoice should be reported as from the moment it is 3 months old, which means that 3 reminders have been sent monthly.
If you do not get any reaction after your reminders, it is highly recommended to contact the company by other means (fax, email or phone). In the case the reminders were never received, you will save time by informing the company directly and not sending more reminders.


What are normal credit terms between FIDI Affiliates?

The normal credit terms between FIDI affiliates are 30 days as from the invoice date. (cf. Professionnal Cooperation Rules). Make sure that your invoice has been received with appropriate reminders and follow up!

Please note that some affiliates may however request another affiliate to pay up front, provided this is clearly specified before the move is booked.


Can I ask for pre-payment to another FIDI member?

Asking for a pre-delivery payment is allowed. Article 2.11 from the FIDI Professional Cooperation Rules says that “unless otherwise agreed”, invoicing is to be done after services are performed.

Therefore if a company wants pre-payment, it has to be done at time of quote remittance. If the other party does not agree to pay in advance, they can still seek for another quote near another agent. But once the quote has been accepted without any reference to pre-payment, this cannot be imposed at any other later stage.

Updated on 29/09/2010