FIDI Charity Bertrams Junior School

The FIDI Charity started in 2006, when some FIDI Affiliates visited Bertrams Junior School in Johannesburg: they found the school in a desperately rundown area. Bertrams is a district which houses migrants and refugees from every possible conflict country in Africa; others come from rural areas of South Africa where unemployment figures are frighteningly high. In many cases, children at the school have witnessed unbelievable horrors during conflicts; while others have had their family lives destroyed because of HIV/AIDS.

Why FIDI decided to help

Bertrams Junior School has acquired a good reputation in the education and social fields, thanks to its dedicated and enthusiastic headmaster and teachers. Children are eager to learn and the headmaster and teaching staff are eager to give these children the education and attention they deserve.
However, the school suffers from inadequate facilities, scarce materials and educational supplies. Many pupils don’t pay any school fees because they simply cannot afford them. Yet the school is proud that no child has been forced to leave. As a consequence of this policy, the school is overcrowded, but what’s the alternative when it comes to giving these children a chance of a better future?

How have the funds helped?

The FIDI-35 Club started to raise money to improve the school, towards the buildings, better teaching equipment or the welfare of school children – every child receives a meal, for example.

In 2011, as the school was expanding, the FIDI-35 Club managed to install a portable cabin just in time for the new term, in addition to two other prefabricated classrooms for the pre-primary classes.
Money was also spent on electrical connections for the library, a complete facelift, including a total repaint, new gutters and upgraded wash facilities, and a new toilet block for four-year-olds.

Some of the donations also went to maintaining a small fund that enables the school to provide children with clothes. And yet another initiative focused on a gardening project that taught children about growing food and how ecosystems work.

FIDI's commitment

Meanwhile, FIDI decided to adopt the initiative started by its FIDI-35 Club and has pledged to support the school until its 2015 Annual Conference in South Africa.

The school is now exploring the possibility of building a school hall, extra playground and classroom space.

Join the movement! Donate to Bertrams Junior School and give a child the chance for a better future!