FIDI Board Nomination Committee

The FIDI Board Nomination Committee's role is to collect nominations and make recommendations for board positions.

This is a very important part of the FIDI Governance and the committee ensures a transparent process of identifying, assessing and electing Board members. Nominations and recommendations may be submitted by all FIDI Affiliates, FIDI Associations and the FIDI Board.

The Board Nomination Committee consists of five owners, officers or employees of FIDI Affiliates, who are elected at the Delegates Meeting. At least one member must be a former FIDI Board member. 

Prior to the election of the new Board members, the Board Nomination Committee will review all nominations and will make recommendations to the General Assembly for any open Board positions.  

The current Board Nomination Committee is composed of:

  • Al Mithal, Past FIDI President, Star Worldwide Group, India
  • Eric Lim, Past FIDI President, Asian Tigers Mobility, Singapore
  • Luis Silva, Unipack, Chile
  • Sabine Hartmann, Hartmann International, Germany
  • Philip Wells, JK Moving Services, USA

The term of office is two years. Re-election is possible for up to three additional terms.