Betrem's School

About Bertrams Junior School

Every child in the world has a right to education. FIDI’s Charity project helped children at Bertrams Junior School (BJS) in Paarl, a suburb of Johannesburg, access education and have a decent start in life.

Nelson Mandela said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
Yet, unemployment figures are high in this area and many parents struggle to pay for the school fees or even the school uniforms. 

Despite the dedication and enthusiasm of the headmaster and the teachers, the school suffered from inadequate facilities and a lack of teaching materials.

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Why your donation helped?

BJS is located in Gauteng, the most populated province of South Africa, containing the country’s largest cities Johannesburg and Pretoria and other large industrial areas. The area houses migrants and refugees from many conflict countries in Africa as well as people who have moved from rural areas to the city in the hope for a better life.
BJS opened 96 years ago and has about 500 pupils today. Most are from the neighbouring area and from families struggling financially because of unemployment.

Your donations helped improve the wellbeing of the school children, better the teaching equipment and finance the school's expansion.

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