Expat performance

28 November 2018

Expat happiness: the constant pursuit of success abroad

A happy expat is a successful expat. But what can expats & GM professionals do to increase the chances of a successful expat experience?

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27 August 2018

Cross-cultural awareness: more than just a different country

Cross-cultural differences are often larger than expats expect – with direct consequences for their assignment. Raise your cross-cultural awareness & stay prepared

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25 July 2018

Global Mobility 101: tips for starting GM Managers

Understanding your key obligations towards expats and the organization itself is the first step to success for any starting Global Mobility Manager

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8 May 2018

6 dangerous assumptions that lead to expat failure (infographic)

Making false assumptions can be dangerous – and can lead to expat failure

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16 January 2018

Repatriation and how to extend the legacy of a global assignment

Repatriation is a problem for many global mobility departments. But it might be easier to acknowledge that the person coming back is not the one who left

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Real cost of expatriate assignment failure thumb
16 June 2016

The real cost of expatriate assignment failure

Rob Chipman, President of FIDI, analyses the financial and non-financial cost of a failed international mobility assignment. 

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5 biggest reasons for expatriate failure thumb
2 June 2016

The 5 biggest reasons for expatriate failure

Some sources claim that as much as 50% of expat assignments end up in failure. We listed the main reasons why.

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key success factors for global mobility - globe
12 May 2016

4 key success factors for global mobility

How do you plan for, measure and optimize the business value of international assignments? Here are the key four factors. 

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