Expat remuneration

20 February 2018

An expat’s view of HR’s global mobility challenges

Looking to deal with your global mobility challenges more effectively? Try to see those challenges from an expat perspective.

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Expat compensation thumb | FIDI blog
7 October 2016

Link update: differing views on expat compensation

A collection of views from global mobility experts on expat compensation packages and the issues that affect them.

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The most expensive cities for expats – Luanda thumb | FIDI blog
18 August 2016

The most expensive cities for expats and why the results may surprise you

The most expensive cities for expats to live in are not the ones you might expect – here’s why.

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Relocation package essentials thumb
9 June 2016

4 things every relocation package should include

Every relocation package is different, but all need to include these four key elements.

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3 May 2016

3 ways to cut down on international assignment costs

Although international assignments are valuable, they can also be enormously expensive. Here are a few ways to keep relocation costs down.

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