Expat selection and training

Candidate red flags: how to spot assignment failures in advance
5 March 2019

Candidate red flags: how to spot assignment failures in advance

The modern candidate selection process is a carefully managed and often “technologically enhanced” affair. But sometimes your gut instincts just tell you when something isn’t right... 

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9 October 2018

Gender equality: is the tide turning for female expats?

Are the long-running attempts to redress gender discrimination finally bearing fruit? Many challenges remain for female expats, but there are recent signs for optimism

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10 September 2018

Global mobility & retention: is your talent strategy at risk?

Employees value expatriation, right? Not always. Some employers have trouble with post-assignment talent retention. Uncover the explanation and 2 ways to fix it

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4 October 2017

Avoiding expat failure: 10 tips for successful candidate selection

Expat failure is to be avoided at all costs, and a thorough and well-planned selection process is essential to ensure the right candidate selection

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4 July 2017

What qualities do expats need to succeed?

What can we do to increase the success rate of global assignments? Start with the personal qualities of the candidate…

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29 May 2017

The rise of female expats

Although the gender imbalance is being addressed, what can global mobility departments do to encourage equality?

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Quick fix bike | FIDI blog
3 April 2017

Is your global mobility strategy a fix for now or a plan for the future?

Many organizations are guilty of short-termism when it comes to global mobility. Are you among them – and why does it happen? 

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