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The Expat Tales: 6 Things That Will Happen To Every Expat
21 May 2019

Expat Tales: 6 Things That Will Happen To Every Expat

Every global assignment is different. Yet, there are certain inevitable challenges that every expat will face. We identify 6 of the biggest, and suggest how to deal with them

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Expat health: 3 steps to staying healthy and feeling good
12 February 2019

Expat health: 3 steps to staying healthy and feeling good

Research shows that overseas assignments can be good for your health – but there are nonetheless three key steps expats can take to ensure a happy and healthy time abroad.

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18 December 2018

8 questions by expat families you should prepare for

When expats ask questions, do you have all the answers? Learn to answer the eight most important expat questions with confidence

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28 November 2018

Expat happiness: the constant pursuit of success abroad

A happy expat is a successful expat. But what can expats & GM professionals do to increase the chances of a successful expat experience?

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9 October 2018

Gender equality: is the tide turning for female expats?

Are the long-running attempts to redress gender discrimination finally bearing fruit? Many challenges remain for female expats, but there are recent signs for optimism

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13 August 2018

Love to travel, travel to love: dating for expats

Finding romance in a new host country can be daunting. We share advice, experiences, and research to help single expats find their true love

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2 March 2017

What expats want: the 5 kinds of expat support most valued by your international workforce

What can the HR department do to ensure the success of every global assignment? One of the key answers is to understand what expats really want…

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2 February 2017

Returning expats: how to ensure a soft landing

One of the major problems facing global mobility departments is the disillusionment and reverse culture shock suffered on repatriation – often marked by an inability to retain key staff

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Unsafe situation expat safety thumb | FIDI blog
7 December 2016

The expatriate and safety: turning risk into risk management

Companies have both a legal and moral obligation to protect expats from various threats during their time overseas. But what are the risks – and how can you minimize them?

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Expat depression thumb | FIDI blog
23 November 2016

Expat depression: recognition, reasons and remedies

Expat depression is an under-reported phenomenon which can have terrible consequences. Learn how to spot the signs, understand the causes, and act.

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Trailing spouse yarn thumb | FIDI blog
19 October 2016

How debunking the ‘trailing spouse’ myth helps avoid expat failure

How HR departments can prevent early repatriation and increase the ROI of global assignments by providing wider family support.

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