28 May 2018

Expat destination: Belgium

Considering an expat assignment in Brussels of just curious about the home of FIDI HQ? Find out everything you need to know about Belgium as an expat – from an expat

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27 February 2018

Expat destination: New Zealand

Expat assignment in New Zealand coming up? We’ve contacted Errol Gardiner for some insider insights. Get to know your new favourite country Down Under

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30 January 2018

Don’t rely on luck for your relocation (video)

Choosing an international relocation company can be challenging. We show you why you shouldn’t rely on luck to secure a smooth move

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5 December 2017

Relocating to Turkey? 5 expat tips for your checklist

We have put together a list of 5 key considerations to add to your checklist before moving to Turkey for your Eurasian assignment. 

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3 November 2017

5 qualities you need in a moving company

Looking for a trustworthy partner for successful international relocations? Choose a moving company that doesn’t rely on luck, but on these 5 qualities.

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How FAIM certified companies help you relocate (video)
25 January 2017

How FAIM certified companies help you relocate (video)

The best ROI for your international relocation project? Construct a solid plan and choose the right partner for the job. FIDI has created a video presentation that covers all the bases.

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Thick wallet representing savings | FIDI blog
29 November 2016

5 reasons why using a FAIM certified mover can save you money

The FAIM certification is known as a hallmark of a reputable moving company; here are five reasons they make financial sense for global assignments

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