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2020 vision – a focus on next year’s trends
1 October 2019

2020 vision – a focus on next year’s trends

An infographic summarizing the key trends affecting global mobility in 2020

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Why HR support is essential to successful assignments in hardship locations
27 August 2019

Why HR support is essential to successful assignments in hardship locations

Postings to hardship locations are often essential to global operations and rewarding for expats. Discover the unique kind of support they need from HR and global mobility departments

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Global mobility: the complete list of most-read topics
19 February 2019

Global mobility: the complete list of most-read topics

What are the big global mobility issues? Based on web data, we list the top articles that everyone keeps clicking on...

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18 December 2018

8 questions by expat families you should prepare for

When expats ask questions, do you have all the answers? Learn to answer the eight most important expat questions with confidence

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29 October 2018

Global mobility skills: what kind of GM manager are you?

What is your approach to global mobility? We look at the 4 key types of global mobility manager. Which one best describes you?

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9 October 2018

Gender equality: is the tide turning for female expats?

Are the long-running attempts to redress gender discrimination finally bearing fruit? Many challenges remain for female expats, but there are recent signs for optimism

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5 June 2018

Technology update: a study of pioneers in global mobility

Technology is fundamentally changing how humans interact. Find out how pioneers in global mobility use tech to work more efficiently, and more humanely

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5 January 2018

Global mobility trends 2018: our hopes and fears

The key global mobility trends for 2018? Technology, diversity, people, and more. Discover our hopes and fears for the industry moving forward

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24 October 2017

Why millennials and mobility are a perfect match

Global organizations are keen to meet millennials’ desire to work overseas. We explain how millennials make the work of global mobility departments easier

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Global assignment help buoy thumb | FIDI blog
8 August 2017

What help do you need to manage a global assignment?

Managing global assignments often requires the support of third-party suppliers – but managing them can be a problem in itself.

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17 May 2017

Peak season relocation: are you ready for a busy summer?

Why do most moves happen in summer – and how can you and your assignees prepare for peak season relocation?

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20 March 2017

Expat duty of care: how to stay compliant

HR managers and global mobility teams know they have a duty of care: but how do they make sure they offer the right level of support to be compliant?

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2 March 2017

What expats want: the 5 kinds of expat support most valued by your international workforce

What can the HR department do to ensure the success of every global assignment? One of the key answers is to understand what expats really want…

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2 February 2017

Returning expats: how to ensure a soft landing

One of the major problems facing global mobility departments is the disillusionment and reverse culture shock suffered on repatriation – often marked by an inability to retain key staff

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How FAIM certified companies help you relocate (video)
25 January 2017

How FAIM certified companies help you relocate (video)

The best ROI for your international relocation project? Construct a solid plan and choose the right partner for the job. FIDI has created a video presentation that covers all the bases.

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Unsafe situation expat safety thumb | FIDI blog
7 December 2016

The expatriate and safety: turning risk into risk management

Companies have both a legal and moral obligation to protect expats from various threats during their time overseas. But what are the risks – and how can you minimize them?

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International Relocation - 5 Frequently Asked Questions
10 November 2016

International Relocation | 5 Frequently Asked Questions

In this guest contribution, Nuss, an Australia-based removal and relocation company, sheds light on some of the 5 most frequently asked questions in international moving.

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Trailing spouse yarn thumb | FIDI blog
19 October 2016

How debunking the ‘trailing spouse’ myth helps avoid expat failure

How HR departments can prevent early repatriation and increase the ROI of global assignments by providing wider family support.

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Global mobility weight rises | FIDI blog
13 October 2016

2016 trends: the growing strategic importance of global mobility

A summary of findings from industry reports that highlight the key trends and issues facing global mobility in 2016

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How to Plan an Overseas Assignment Thumb | FIDI blog
8 September 2016

The ultimate list of lists: how to plan an overseas assignment

A comprehensive list of resources to help companies to plan global assignments

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Picking out the right international moving company thumb | FIDI blog
1 September 2016

6 strategies to pick out the right international moving company

We put together 6 strategies to help organizations to pick out the best company for their employee relocation needs.

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Brexit update thumb | FIDI blog
26 August 2016

Brexit update: now the dust has settled

A few months after the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the global mobility industry is starting to make sense of the news and what it means…

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Brexit and expats Downing St thumb | FIDI blog
28 June 2016

What does the Brexit vote mean for global assignments?

A summary of the implications for global mobility of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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