Head over to Expatia & study 6 expat beliefs

25 February 2020

There are currently almost a quarter of a billion expats. They are of different nationalities, and they are engaged in a wide variety of industries. They are expats on short-term assignees and serial travellers who never go back. They are all unique, yet they also have a lot in common.

Every expat has made a decision to live and work outside their mother country – and in doing so demonstrate certain common characteristics. This is a massive collection of like-minded people. In fact, if we were to consider expats as the population of their own virtual country, it would be the 5th largest country in the world, where the inhabitants share a clear set of values.

You could call these beliefs the unwritten rules of life in Expatia – so we thought it was time we wrote them down.

Welcome to Expatia. Population 244,000,000.

The unwritten rules of life in Expatia

Expatland: Expatia in practice

We are not the only people to consider the world’s expat population as a single bloc. John Marcarian is an international tax advisor who has always been fascinated by the world of expats. In 2015, he wrote the book Expatland, designed to help expats to plan their move overseas.

The book has since grown into the Expatland Global Network, a resource that supports anyone working overseas, wherever and whoever they are. It is the spirit of Expatia brought to life.

The unwritten rules of life in Expatia

Partnership between FIDI and Expatland

The Expatland network consists of Expatland Teams (E-Teams) that bring together vetted professionals to deliver the type of services needed by expats in a wide range of international locations.

Expatland E-Teams support and endorse the FAIM certification as the gold standard in moving, and FIDI members are pleased to add their expertise to the services offered by Expatland.

Wherever you work and live, Expatland is never far away.

FAIM The world's most recognized standard for international movers

FAIM, short for FIDI Accredited International Mover, stands as the world’s most recognized quality label for professional international movers and relocation companies. Highly regarded and revered for its stringent demands and rigorous auditing process, the label ensures that only the most reliable and performing movers can bear the seal. The FAIM label is your assurance for a smooth, safe and comprehensive removal process.