Global mobility trends 2018: our hopes and fears

5 January 2018

At FIDI Global Alliance, we greatly value the human aspect of global mobility. Our blog posts in 2017 saw us dive into, for example, the millennial workforce, duty of care & cross-cultural communication.

Looking forward to 2018, then, our global mobility experts have noticed 5 emerging trends. Some prove that our industry is adjusting well to a fast-changing world, while others indicate that there’s still plenty of work to do.

Each trend will, naturally, be discussed on this blog during the year. But for now, you can enjoy a short preview.

  1. Mobile technology & data
    The growing use of mobile technology to improve expat communication and collaboration indicates a bright future for all of us. Additionally, more and more mobility departments rely on data analytics to improve measurements and decision-making.
  2. New types of assignments
    The ongoing evolution of global assignments away from traditional long-term engagements to shorter projects is going strong. Flexible accommodation and care are steadily evolving along with this trend.
  3. Cross-cultural awareness
    The global mobility industry has recognised and responded to the increased importance of cultural and linguistic cooperation and consideration. But is it enough?
  4. Talent management
    The effect of global mobility in attracting and retaining talented employees is clear– yet growth is still needed, with an emphasis on the emotional and psychological side of the expat experience.
  5. Equality & diversity
    The need to modernise attitudes with regard to religious, gender, lifestyle and racial equality is growing.

Looking for the full picture?

Click on the image to take a look at our full-size infographic in a separate window:

infographic hopes & fears 2018

Picture by Pablo Heimplatz

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