6 strategies to pick out the right international moving company

1 September 2016

How do you choose a moving company to help you with your (or your employee’s) relocation? Recent developments, such as the dramatic skills shortage in qualified, experienced truck drivers has made life harder for companies trying to plan relocations. It has become more important than ever to select the right moving company. 

We have put together 6 key strategies to help mobility professionals to ensure a successful outcome.

1. Spread the load

Ensure access to capacity by using a number of quality-oriented movers. The driver shortage is just one factor that has reduced overall capacity – so it makes sense to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by building relationships with multiple, reputable partners. This is especially important during the peak summer moving period.

2. Expect fair but realistic pricing

Resist the temptation to cut costs at every stage. It is far better to pay a little extra and be sure of better service.

international mover pricing 25ct | FIDI blog

3. Explore small shipment programs

Some relocations may not require the typical ‘full load’, so many movers offer small shipment programs which may offer better value.

4. Plan ahead and be flexible

You are more likely to secure the capacity you need if you can give your mover plenty of notice of what you will need and when you will need it. If you can also offer a degree of flexibility this will also help.

5. Cut out the middle men

Reduce reliance on third-party movers. For example, work with a relocation company that owns its own vehicles, and is therefore in better control of the availability of both vehicles and drivers.

Cut out the middle men | FIDI blog

6. Look for independent seals of quality

International moving can be a sensitive business. With possibly your whole life’s assets on the move, you want to be as sure as possible that your mover is reputable, qualitative and solvent. Some moving companies are independently audited and rated, making them easier to gauge than others. FAIM, which you can read more about below this article, is such a seal of quality.

Bearing these tips in mind will help companies to ensure they are best placed to make a success of their relocation projects.

FAIM The world's most recognized standard for international movers

FAIM, short for FIDI Accredited International Mover, stands as the world’s most recognized quality label for professional international movers and relocation companies. Highly regarded and revered for its stringent demands and rigorous auditing process, the label ensures that only the most reliable and performing movers can bear the seal. The FAIM label is your assurance for a smooth, safe and comprehensive removal process.