Build a school

Too many kids leave school too early

At the moment, there are merely 12 classrooms at BJS, all built in 1918 and in bad need of repair. They cover Kindergarten to grade 4. As the school offers only four grades, it means that children have to move to another school at the age of 10, causing many to drop out of education altogether.

Help BJS expand to a fully-fledged primary school

Expansion is a must and the school governing body decided to expand to a fully-fledged primary school from grades 0 to 7. It has the approval from the Gauteng Department of Education, who even wants to make a centre of excellence for other schools, but no financial commitment…

Reach a total of 18 new classrooms by 2017

A FIDI delegation visited the school in January 2014 and discussed options to enlarge the school with an architect. If FIDI manages to raise US$ 250,000, BJS would be able to repair and build a modular double storey building with six extra classrooms, totalling 18 classrooms.

Although the original plans have been scaled down from brick and mortar to a more realistic and achievable pre-fabricated plan, the school governing body would still see it as an absolutely fantastic dream come true. This infrastructure will solve the current overcrowding problems and allow the school to grow to a fully-fledged primary school.