Conference - how to register?

Before you proceed to registration we advise you read the recommendations & steps below.

Read the recommendations before you register

Register: follow the steps!

Benefits from the new registration system's features

Questions left?

Recommendations before you register:

For group registrations:

Appoint a coordinator and

  • Make sure your participants DO NOT register individually through the personal invite they have received
  • Find out if your participants will come with a social delegate (See “Attendance regulations” – link to Attendance regulations page)
  • Find out if your participants wish to invite a non-registered guest at the Gala dinner (250 EUR)

For ALL:

  • Make sure you have your picture/the pictures of all your group participants at hands for upload - please note: no picture, no registration will be processed!
  • We kindly remind you that the payment of your 2013 annual membership dues is a pre-requisite to attend the FIDI Conference. Your membership invoice has been emailed to your company early January 2013. Please ensure timely payment. 

How to register: follow the steps!

1. A personalized invite to register has been sent to your direct email address (as recorded in the FIDI database).

  • No email invitation received?

Check if you have been listed in the FIDI database and the correctness of your direct email address. If not, ask your console user to include you.

  • You wish to invite extra delegates who are not listed in the FIDI database?

Have them included in the FIDI database through your console users and inform the conference team at  

2. Click on the “Register” button on your invite

  • Confirm who you are
  • Select your registration category (first registrant or second/subsequent registrant from your company...).  
  • Register yourself
  • Register your social delegate(s)
  • Select activities and/or services you would like to book (f.i. meeting appointment platform, etc.)
  • Upload the required picture
  • Follow the same process for each of your delegates.

3. Payment

  • Enter your company credit card details
  • Confirm the registration for payment.

4. Confirmation process

  • You will receive a pre-registration confirmation email; in the mean time your payment is processed.  
  • Your registration is approved - you will receive a registration confirmation email including your invoice
  • Each registered delegate gets their own personal confirmation email with:

Access to a personalized “My Agenda page”

Access to the FIDI dedicated Meeting appointment platform (if service has been selected)

5. List of attendees:

  • You are automatically listed in the online List of Attendees.

Benefits from the new registration system's features:

Save time by opting for the “Group Registration” system!

  • Group registration will allow you to register all participants in the same registration form (1 invoice, 1 payment, 1 confirmation of registration!)
  • You immediately benefit from the discounted rate for the 2nd/subsequent delegates registered
  • You control your company's registrations at any time!
  • Your participants details are automatically pre-entered based on the information recorded in the FIDI database.

Register your colleagues who are eligible for special rebates:

  • FIDI-35 Club members registering to the FIDI-35 Club Conference (LINK)
  • FIDI members who attended the FIDI Academy EIM and/or MIM trainings in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Access a personalised "My Agenda page":

  • Visualise all activities you selected at registration and link these to your calendar (“Add to calendar” functionality)

Access a Meeting appointment platform:

  • See all delegates who have opted for this service; send meeting invites and organize your meeting appointments.


Can I register all the participants from all my FIDI affiliated companies?

  • Yes, they can all be included in the same form. Their details will be listed as recorded in the FIDI database

Where will the invoice be sent in case of group registration?

  • The invoice will be sent to the business address of the person in charge of registering all participants; it is the business address as recorded in the FIDI database

Extra delegates: I wish to invite extra delegates, however these are not listed in the FIDI database? see above

If you have any further questions, please contact