Demirel joins the FIDI board

Secretary general Michael Cassiers (left) and fellow board member Mario Martinez congratulate Ebru Demirel on joining the FIDI Board during the General Assembly

Ebru Demirel made FIDI history in Athens by becoming the first woman to be elected onto the FIDI board. She joined the seven strong panel, which is headed by new president Errol Gardiner, at the FIDI General Assembly in Athens, and will take part in her fi rst full board meeting in Amsterdam in July. ‘FIDI has a special place in my heart and it is a special organisation for movers,’ said Demirel.

Honoured and excited

‘To become the first female FIDI board member makes me feel honoured and excited.’ Board members usually serve an eight-year term and Demirel, president of Asya International Movers based in Istanbul, Turkey, was nominated by the Board Nomination Committee, chaired by Orphee Beinoglou. She briefl y served on a FIDI steering committee, which was involved in developing FAIM. In anticipation of joining the main board, Demirel attended the board’s meeting in Athens just before the FIDI conference as a guest and observer.

FIDI has a special place in my heart

Demirel anticipates playing a leading role on the FAIM quality standard and acknowledged the work of the FIDI offi ce in Brussels in supporting FAIM 3.0. ‘FAIM is one of the most valuable products of FIDI, making the organisation unique in the industry,’ she said.

‘I have been attending FIDI conferences for a good few years and always established good relationships with agents in the industry who have the booking power. ‘Now, on the board, I will be looking for whatever is best for all FIDI members.

My company is one of the FIDI Affiliates affected and we need to protect existing affi liates, as well as attracting new ones under the FIDI umbrella.’ She added: ‘Today, we live in a very challenging world where everyone needs everything so fast and customers are challenging, and there are economic considerations, with much of the world still in recession. I’m aware that whatever we do should not cause any extra workload for FIDI Affiliates.’

Demirel was encouraged by the dynamics of the board and its discussions in Athens, and is looking forward to contributing, as well as adding to the mix of backgrounds, nationalities, personal experiences and market needs represented. ‘We don’t need to agree on everything, but it is a platform where people can freely share opinions and aim to come to a conclusion for the benefit of all,’ she added.