EiM Rio "intensive and excellent networking opportunity"

The EiM seminar concluded in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in October 2013. Intensive, hard work, improving personal relations are keywords, but read more by yourself:

"The EiM training has given me a whole new approach to sell against my competitors. FIDI agents have so much to offer our clients and highlighting those attributes will help me close business and increase revenue. I now have personal relationships with valued employees of FIDI agents in 15+ countries….Talk about a selling point to my customers".                

David Stange, Director, Global Business Development, The Paxton Companies, Atlas World Group

EiM Rio participants during a field visit

EiM Rio participants during a field visit.

"EiM allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of our industry as a whole, while also expanding my knowledge of the various aspects which are involved in each and every move.  You can only learn so much from a book or manual; but learning from each other’s first-hand experiences is a truly unique experience, and I would encourage all FIDI members to send their employees to EIM if given the chance."    

Jackie Stouffer, EiM Rio Top Student, Move Manager, International Mobility Services, Global Logistics & Mobility Services

"I think it did help a lot, to see our daily job from other sides. Definitely the knowledge acquired helped me in carrying out my job. I really recommend that all FIDI members send some of their staff for training."

Josefina Wernicke, Lift Van International Co. S.A.C.Buenos Aires - Argentina

"It was a week of intensive training, classroom learning, group work and field trips. It was difficult but improved my knowledge. It was an excellent networking opportunity and meeting people from around the world. The trainers/tutors were brilliant. Although the course is really HARD work, they make it so FUN, especially during the role plays."

Mariana Labati, Client Services Consultant, Transpack Argentina

"It's amazing how much we learn in one week with incredible teachers and meeting people from all over the world sharing experiences that altogether made me grow as a professional in the moving business."

Gian Franco Martínez Dubreuil, Business Executive, Security International Moving, Lima - Peru 

"I got a better overview and understanding of the complete process of the aspects of the moving industry."

Katherine Leiva, Move Coordinator, Decapack, Santiago - Chile