FIDI Academy Testimonials

FIDI Affiliates usually agree that investing in developing employees' knowledge and skills helps increase their productivity. But how to recognise it best other than letting people themselves talk about their experience? Here are some recent survey results.

About EiM

Worth to know:

  • 95% of EiM participants agreed that the course helped them achieve better, quicker results
  • 95% agreed that after the course they have been more effective in their daily job
  • All participants agreed that the course helped them understand the international moving industry and the importance of their role within this industry


"The prework modules are very detailed and offer a lot of supplementary materials. Very useful in preparing for the EiM. Loved the field trip to the Asian Tigers Warehouse, especially the opportunity to witness firsthand how personal effects are being packed, loaded and stored."  (Andy HO - Asian Tigers, Hong Kong)

"I learned a lot of from the trainers’ experience, the case studies and the role plays, especially when handling objections". (Pradeep SHANMUGHAN - Interem, India)

"The teachers are wonderful and working during the whole week with people who works for other FIDI companies, partners and competitors, was an amazing experience. We could exchange our knowledge and also improve it throughout the week. Wonderful! We learned in practice why the goods must be packed tightly inside the boxes. We met a Customs inspector who explained the method he uses to decide if the shipment will be physically inspected and we could see how he does it."  (Maysa FEITOSA - G-Inter - Brazil)

"One thing I realized is the importance of coordination between our relo and moving departments from a customer service point-of-view. After hearing how others arrange this, I will be suggesting a change in the way we organize our office after our upcoming move to new premises to encourage better cooperation. On an individual level, I will be applying the lessons learned in sales training for our direct-to-customer bookings. The training is expensive, but considering that this sort of revenue can be made in a few big international moves, the training could pay itself off if we apply what we learned effectively." (Sean TUCKER - Graebel - USA)

"The best part of the experience in my opinion was learning what everyone does in their countries, as we are well very different. We met people from all walks of life doing anything from accounting to coordinating to sales and pricing specialists. It was amazing to see the customary ways of certain Asian and African countries on how they deal with clients and customers. It was a huge eye opener." (Todd JANSSEN - Paxton - USA)

"The EiM seminar was a great experience; even better than I expected it to be. It was wonderful to meet peers from all over the work to share stories with. Even though the group consisted out of people with a moving background, everyone had their own expertise and experience in the industry to share with the group. I learned a great deal during the week and it really broadened my perspective on the moving industry, especially the parts that covered topics that I do not deal with in my day-to-day work. Even though some of the days were long, the week flew by and I will remember all of the things I have learned and the people that I have met for the rest of my life." (Lisa VADER - Team Relocations, The Netherlands)

"I do think the EiM training was very beneficial to me although I already have several years’ industry experience. But I think this training will force us to think out of the box and think from different angle other than our normal ways of thinking. Besides, the experienced trainers and other trainees shared their valuable experience. It’s also a wonderful experience to know so many people around the world of the same industry via this training. Actually it’s like another live training for culture awareness. Many of us become the friends after 5 days. Thanks for the professional and beneficial training." (Aimee ZHANG, Unigroup - Asia)

"Before arriving at EIM, I was told to expect days full of class, nights full of group work, and tests.  Plenty of tests.  However, EIM is much more than that.  ‘The course allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of our industry as a whole, while also expanding my knowledge of the various aspects which are involved in each and every move.  One of my favourite features of the EIM was the chance for the participants to learn from one another; share our individual experiences and knowledge in order to enhance our understanding of our business and build our own skills.   

‘In my opinion, it is the people involved in EIM which make it an Essential course in International Moving.  You can only learn so much from a book or manual; but learning from each other’s first-hand experiences is a truly unique experience, and I would encourage all FIDI members to send their employees to EIM, if given the chance." (Jackie STOUFFER - JK Moving - USA)

"The EiM training has given me a whole new approach to sell against my competitors. FIDI agents have so much to offer our clients and highlighting those attributes will help me close business and increase revenue. I now have personal relationships with valued employees of FIDI agents in 15+ countries….Talk about a selling point to my customers". (David STANGE - Paxton - USA)

"Overall the seminar was intensive, but rewarding.  As a manager that is exactly what I’m looking for. A serious seminar that my employees can learn practical industry information they can use instantly when they walk back in the office.  The course covered all aspects of the moving industry, very rarely do you have a sales person who knows about the claim process, or even what an OBL is.   The explanation of what you need in a contract to protect not just the company but the assignee as well was very helpful. Besides the coursework, one of the most powerful aspects of this seminar is the ability to network and meet other people in the industry.  The sharing and debates in a classroom setting is something you cannot get anywhere else.  I have made some great friends and expanded my network beyond my location and company. During the course we made time to do a couple field trips to the container port and customs office.  No one in the class had been to an actual container port and it was a great tool for us to see exactly what happens when we load that container, where it goes and how it’s put on the ship.  It will be a great tool for our sales team to explain in great detail what steps were taken or where the container went. You can be sure I will be sending key employees to this course in the future." (Joseph LAI - Unigroup - ASIA)

"Instructors were fantastic and it was great to meet many fellow sales people amongst our FIDI partners. Those relationships have certainly been built upon as for reciprocity" (Bill LLOYD - Asian Tigers - Indonesia)

"... There was a lot of information and the course was very well organised. Being all together with our partners was very helpful to understand the importance of our business. We shared a lot of different experiences.... Visits to the airport and seaport were really helpful as well.” (Emilie FILLION - Harsch, Switzerland)

'"My favourite parts were the role plays based on real cases as we know them in our daily work: you can get tips about how to manage complicated situations. Additionally you end up with a network of friends in several parts of the world.” (Miguel Florez - Aviomar S.A., Colombia)

"This course gave me a better understanding of the way to handle the business side of this industry" (Solomon Malekou, Graebel)

"Both Edwin and René had the right mix of serious & fun so that everyone was engaged the whole time.
Thank you so much for being entertaining and informative instructors!  I had a great time last week and as I work my way through this week jet-lagged, I realize how much I learned and retained!  I am now able to sell confidently, answer customers questions accurately and help my colleagues as well. I had so many questions leading into the training and all were covered, thank you! " (Jennifer Mc Naughton)

About MiM

A few facts which came out of the surveys:

  • 94% of participants said that the course helped them achieve better results
  • 66% agreed that the course helped them increase the company's profitability
  • More than one out of two participants agreed that the course helped them to be promoted to a more senior level position.

"With the challenges facing the moving industry in a changing global climate/economy, I found the content, instruction & exercises all relevant, thought provoking, and engaging.  For me, the group activities really highlighted the fact that we can achieve so much more with assistance and guidance from other colleagues. Upon my return to the Middle East, I was excited to share my FIDI learning experience(s) with my bosses and colleagues alike. I enjoyed it so much that I conducted a presentation on the MiM course and how our business could benefit from even small changes to achieve best practice.  I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and experience through working, cooperation, and interaction with others." (William Blair, Four Winds Saudi Arabia)

"The MIM seminar was a fascinating learning experience that I strongly recommend to managers on the International moving. Completing the MIM Project points out the path for effective results in your daily work as manager. Challenging scenarios are all taking place in a wonderful place with indoor and outdoor fun exercises, all tasks are well thought and prepared by trainers." (Daniela Guendsechadze, Trallero Int'l, Spain)

"MiM is EiM on steroids :-)! The week at MiM is spent being challenged to expand your thoughts and ideas beyond what is traditionally taught at industry training. Our organization will continue to invest in its people by supporting and attending the MiM." (Bill Paxton, Paxton Int'l, USA)

"The MiM experience takes you to the next level!" (Alex Rainho, TeamWork Brazil)

One of my most positive industry experiences

‘The MiM in Hong Kong was an intense and challenging five day course that I would highly recommend to any company looking at investing in their staff, and their own business’s, future. Unlike many courses, FIDI courses are specific to the removals industry. Therefore, the topics covered are very relevant in the day-to-day and longer term running of the business. The MiM course encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zone, allowed us to experience practical situations that we are likely to encounter, as well as providing the opportunity to develop friendships and business opportunities that would otherwise likely not have been possible.  

Additionally, the 10 month project that followed the course had the dual benefit of reinforcing the topics covered during the course while helping my company by delivering a project that was beneficial and relevant." (Aaron Beckham, OSS Worldwide Australia)

"The main benefits of the MIM course were the overall  overview over the business,  from sales to finance, and the tools we have learned! The other huge benefit was to "re-learn" how to work within and be part of a team, and how to achieve a  global objective together !” (Pedro Silva, Urbanos, Portugal)

“The FIDI MiM made me look at certain aspects of my business with 'fresh eyes'. We have introduced a number of changes within the company that have been a direct result of the MiM, which has made analysis easier - i.e. a packing report that requires timings to be written down - this has allowed us to accurately gauge loading times, packing times and therefore the rate of packing - i.e. how much one man can pack per working day/hour etc..  Consequently, this has made our job planning more accurate." (Simone Percy, DASA Int’l Movers Dubai)

"The decision to take the MIM was a big move for me. It helped a lot in formulating my career in a professional frame. The course covers comprehensively all the management aspects of our industry. Course materials and syllabus provide lucid examples of how to see and approach our business with a management perspective. Methodology was easy to follow and interesting. Practical demonstrations of concepts help us in implementing ideas in our real life.  Also, the class size was optimum ensuring personal interaction.

Equally important were lot of valuable tips I picked up during and after the course - on managing time, team, stress and handling attitude - I believe these relatively intangible factors play an important role in our daily life, thus, MIM shapes me as a “Master In International Moving”  Thank you FIDI."  Rasheed Ali, Four Winds Saudi Arabia

About LiM

"A very interesting and absorbing forum which was immensely enjoyable". (Ian Palmer White & Co U.K.).

"It was a great seminar and I had a few eye opener for myself and yes we had to work. I definitely will love to join again!!! " (Susie Freifrau von Verschuer-Bar, Fermont Germany)

"The LiM Forum is a very unique opportunity to learn with trusted colleagues how to be a more effective leader.  The agenda was diverse, action packed and challenging.  It pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to look at opportunities with a new perspective.   I give the LiM - Five Stars!” (Ben Ivory, Graebel USA)

"A LIM seminar is the best exchange of important and new information to help leaders in our industry to improve their own skills. I personally learned a lot of different things and in fact the experience is a tremendous help in the daily work. The ambience in a small group of leaders who want to share is just perfect." (Max Chorus, Streff Luxemburg)

"LiM is an incredibly unique opportunity to get away from the daily grind with other leaders in the industry. The focus on your growth as a leader and sharing of ideas and experiences of others in the group is well worth the investment of time and money" (Bill Paxton, Paxton USA)

"The LiM forum is an amazing experience to develop your leadership skills while surrounded by like minded peers in such a spectacular location." (Kate Davey, Packimpex Switzerland)

"I would like to thank you for a great LiM in Axalp, Switzerland last week. It was so enriching and of great learning. The location is unique and Rudie took very well care of us all. Derek and John were great mediators. And the invited speakers were just fabulous." (Lars Peter Lemche, TeamWork Brazil)

"I want to thank you personally. I enjoyed every minute of it and it was really a self research to become better- hopefully. You were not there personally but after participation I know better how much time and energy put together to make it so well organised and beneficial to all the attendees.  I am not the only one feeling that way." (Ebru Demirel, Asya Turkey)

"I was very impressed by the Generation Y and organisational energy. It was presented perfectly and enthusiastically"

"What can I say…… brilliant, amazing, eye opening, thank you for the opportunity, really got a lot out of it.  The setting, the people/trainers were  very inspirational, I feel enthused, I can see many improvements that can be implemented." Tom Hare, GB Liners, U.K.

About the e-learning

“The information helped me immensely with my day-to-day workload.” (Jenny Richards, GRACE Removals, Australia)

“It’s a fun way to learn. Being able to do this whenever is suitable for you makes it easy to keep up.” (Simone Zwijnenburg, Voerman International, the Netherlands)

“It’s so helpful to understand the moving process; it prepares you for real-life situations.” (Susana Aranda Carrillo, Transcontainer Internacional, Mexico)

“In my work, I encountered some concepts without knowing the exact meaning. Now I do thanks to FIDI e-learning!” (Bineta Seck, Biard International Removal, France)

"The course is very useful for new hires and those starting a career in moving." (Thelma Castaneda, Gulf Agency Company Qatar)

About webinars

"The webinar was great, very helpful and useful tools that we can bring to the rest of the team at Schumacher Cargo. We look forward to working with you again in the future"

"Your webinar was very informative. I particularly liked how interactive it was with the answering of questions. The presentation flowed well"

"Thanks for the webinar. It was attractive and well organized. Although I’m surveying already for over 20 years it’s always nice to be “refreshed”. I ended up with some ideas, especially new techniques, marketing and communications."

"Excellent!!! All the necessary info we need to explain to our clients pros/cons benefits of insurance. Thanks so much."

"I was really impressed how much content its possible to teach within one hour. Therefore the webinar was efficient and informative.
I am  excited to discover my time-log after 2 weeks. All in all it was a pleasure and I want to attend further webinars at FIDI."