FIDI Application form

Applicant's name

Please note: The company legal name is the name which will be used by FIDI to invoice and address you. The legal name MUST match the entry in your country's companies' registry. 
The FIDI name is the name you are known as to the FIDI community, effectively your trading name. It will be used in official FIDI publications and can be changed at any time.

Company contact details

(City: please provide the city under which your company wishes to be listed in the FIDI membership list. The distance between the city centre and your company cannot exceed 50 km (31 miles).)

Business information

On-site contact

Please provide us with the contact details of the person who will be our on-site FIDI-FAIM contact (the person leading the FAIM audit process)

Finance contact

Please give the contact details of the person in charge for the invoicing.



Other information

Applicant's declaration

The following information is to be completed by the CEO:

To the best of my knowledge I declare that the information submitted in this form is accurate.