How to get involved

By donating

Individual Donation: You can donate via the dedicated Gofundme page:

"Adopt" a child: Individuals, companies or FIDI Associations can "adopt" a child by donating a minimum amount of $500. This amount corresponds with the average cost for one child's surgery.

Ongoing Contribution: FIDI companies can contribute on an ongoing basis by contribution $'s  per shipment.

By contributing to FIDI Charity Activity Days

The next event is FIDI Bake Day on Wednesday 17 May 2017. To get involved email

FIDI OSH Day is scheduled to take place in Autumn 2017.

Previous events

Friday 19th February 2016 was 'FIDI SMILE Day'.

The initiative was embraced by many FIDI Affiliates who went the extra mile by organising fundraising events in their companies for the children in Honduras in need of surgery. The events were very divers and showed a lot of creativity and enthusiasm - from cake bake and sales to after work cocktail drinks, lunches, dress-down day to bowling. The April/May FIDI Focus issue will feature a summary of SMILE Day participation - Read more...