Financial Protection Programme

For any business to thrive, it’s essential to keep good cash flow. So when collecting payments becomes a concern, you need a plan in place to ensure you get paid promptly. FIDI’s Financial Protection Programme was designed to protect FIDI Affiliates’ working capital against the financial default of a FIDI colleague.

The programme combines a Slow Payers Scheme and a Payment Protection Plan (PPP).

The Slow Payers Scheme enables you to:

  • Report overdue invoices against FIDI Affiliates
  • Keep track of the litigation status of overdue invoices
  • Follow reporting requested by other Affiliates against your company

FIDI’s Payment Protection Plan (PPP) helps you recover up to 90% of unpaid invoices, should your FIDI partner go bankrupt or be terminated from FIDI.
All FIDI Affiliates make an annual contribution to the PPP fund, which comes into force when a FIDI Affiliate is terminated.

Further details about FIDI's Financial Protection Programme can be downloaded below.

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