Financial Protection Programme

FASI: FIDI Affiliates' Secured Invoices
Secure invoices fast and easy, with FASI

Easily secure any invoice that is still unpaid 90 days after its due date, by reporting it to FASI. By taking the short time to do this, you immediately secure two distinct advantages:

  • intermediation from FIDI to find a mutually beneficial solution
  • eligibility for compensation in case of the other party's failure

Get to grips with the reporting requirements

Although fast and easy to do, reporting an invoice is no matter to be taken lightly. Hence, before you do it, always be sure to consult the FASI Requirements. Here are the main requirements:

  • only one person per FIDI Affiliate can secure and monitor overdue invoices;
  • invoices need to be secured within 90-120 days after the invoice date;
  • if an affiliate has been terminated less than 90 days after the invoice date, any invoice can be secured within 45 days after termination;
  • disputed invoices are not eligible to be secured;
  • few reminders must have been sent to other party in the 90 days before reporting to FASI;

In order for FASI to be as helpful as possible, you need to report your invoices timely and correctly. Rest assured though, we have gone through great lengths to make the process as intuitive as possible for you.