Give a school uniform

Many of the 500 pupils who attend the school today are from families who are struggling financially due to unemployment in the area.

Many families cannot afford the school fees
Many pupils have uniforms that they have outgrown
Many kids only have one meal a day, the meal that the school provides

Make a difference for a pupil who's outgrown their uniform

Bertrams Junior School has set up a school fund in order to provide children with a meal per day and some clothes. The school is proud that no child has been forced to leave despite the fact that many parents cannot pay the school fees. But as a result the school struggles to provide basic facilities and essential tools to support their learning.

Buy a school uniform now, donate US$ 35

  • For approx. 1 US$ / day for a month: less than the price of your daily coffee

Join the movement, donate for Bertrams Junior School and give a child a chance for a better future!  

Every donation will get BJS closer to their goal!