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For any employee to have a successful assignment abroad, it is pertinent that not only your employee but his/her whole family has a smooth transition. For this it is very important that you find the perfect moving company who can be your partner, provide support to your organisation and your employees, and take care of their personal needs.

This is where a FIDI Affiliate comes into the picture.

The war for talent: Globe-trotting 'Generation Y' careerists head abroad

Youngsters across the world are choosing to embrace globalization and work abroad to further their careers, according to recruiter Hydrogen Group. The firm said that Generation Y, defined as those born in the 1980s and 1990s, consider themselves to be global citizens and are prepared to be mobile to maximize the return from their careers. The Hydrogen Group and business school ESCP Europe surveyed 672 professionals aged between 21 and 30 and found that nearly half of those questioned (48%) were willing to work abroad.