FIDI Application & Membership costs

International business expansion and a recognised quality seal have their price, but it will bring a significant ROI.

FIDI Applicants have to take the costs below into consideration. Please note that:

  • Some of these costs are one-off costs (such as entrance fees)
  • Some costs should be considered as an investment that is split over three years (compliance procedure f.i.)
  • EiM training will bring immediate benefit to your company
  • Last but not least, think of the Return on Investment for your company!


FAIM 3.1 Documentation and administration of application (prerequisite)                   €  1000,00
First Compliance Procedure €5.495,00
Auditor travel expenses (transportation & accommodation)  Variable 
Annual FIDI Membership fees for Indirect Affiliates (*) €1.800,00
FASI fees (annual payment protection contribution) €  200,00
FIDI Membership entrance fees (one-off cost) €3.410,00
FASI entrance fee (one-off cost) €  500,00

EiM (Essentials in International Moving) residential seminar to be attended by at least 1 staff member within a year from the date of affiliation.

Fee per participant excluding travel costs. 


(*) Indirect Affiliates : located in countries with a FIDI Association. FIDI Association membership is also obligatory.

If you wish to add affiliated Branches in the same country and comply with the FIDI Statutes relating to Branch Affiliation, the cost is

450 EUR per annum plus 150 FASI Contribution per branch.

The FAIM compliance procedure for FIDI Affiliates is repeated on a 3 year cycle)

Next Compliance Procedure              (every 3 years)

Compliance procedure for principal office that has Affiliated Branch(es)* €4.885,00
Possible discount depending on acceptance of audit date during an audit tour €500,00
Auditor travel expenses (transportation & accommodation) Variable but reduced as much as possible through audit tour clustering 

* Fixed amount irrespective of the number of affiliated branches                                                                      

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