Companies fraudulently claiming FIDI membership

Although you may have seen the FIDI logo in their paperwork or you may have been told they are a FIDI Affiliate, these companies are not part of the FIDI Global Alliance and are not FAIM certified!
FIDI cannot be held responsible for any claims against the following non-affiliated companies:

A. Tessiot (France)

  • 10, boulevard Gambetta, 87000 LIMOGES, France

Goeldlin (Italy)

  • Via Danilo Stiepovich 180, 00121 Roma, Italy

Ozgur International Movers (Turkey)

  • Offices in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Adana

World Shipping Logistic & Transportation (Peru)

  • Calle 21 No. 950 oficina 302 Coprpac - San Isidro - Lima, Perú

Agencia Benkovics S.A. (Paraguay)

  • Sta. Margarita de Youville 450 Asunción, Paraguay

Omega Internationa Transport S.A. (Greece)

  • Thesi Kyrillos, Aspropyrgos, 19300 Athens, Greece


 Last Updated: December 2013