What to expect from an international moving company?

An international moving company is unique compared to most other transport companies. It deals primarily with one type of goods - household effects - and performs a variety of moving services that are needed for the international "door to door" movement of household goods.

These moving services usually include (but are not limited to) the packing, storage, shipping/transportation and delivery of your belongings through the company's teams and their trusted partners.

These may be complemented by "destination services" which will help you relocate in your new country. Destination services may include helping you find a home overseas, a school for your children and selecting the right neighbourhood to live in, as well as assisting you with the immigration and getting you settled in to your new country with bank accounts and more.

The affiliates of the FIDI Global Alliance are all experts in international moving, which is why choosing to work with one of them is a key factor in a successful international transfer. FIDI Affiliates offer high quality moving services which are regularly assessed by FIDI's demanding FAIM quality programme.

Find out more about terms and actors of a move (courtesy of the FIDI Academy)

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