Even if your belongings have been packed as safely as possible, it is important to make sure that all goods are covered by a good insurance policy when being moved from door-to-door, or when in storage. Indeed, you never know whether poor customs handling at ports and airports or a storm at sea could leave belongings damaged.

Most FIDI Affiliates will give you the choice between a basic insurance package for the shipping of household goods and some tailored or even an all-inclusive package to cover transportation risks, to give you peace of mind.

All FIDI moving companies are required by the FIDI-FAIM certification programme to ensure, for example:

  • that the customer is made aware of possible loss and/or damage risks to the consignment during removal, transit, warehousing and delivery.
  • that the customer is offered a suitable cover with respect to their belongings, this can be either a Transit Insurance programme or an Extended Liability programme.

Moving with a FIDI Affiliate means your belongings will not be left uncovered!