People often worry about packing their household goods for export and one of the most important elements of a successful move is the quality of packing services provided. In principle, a professional international mover should do most of the work.

Professional packing crews will come to your home and pack your household goods ready for transportation. Each crew usually has a foreman who will walk through your home before starting the packing. He will ensure that everything is accounted for and will be prepared in the correct way.

The FIDI-FAIM quality management programme requires that a FIDI Affiliate respects a number of criteria when packing a customer's effects. These include, for example, that there are adequate resources in terms of providing the minimum packing crew and packing materials. Other rules relating to the inventory have to be met, too.

At the same time, training for packers has recently completed the FIDI Academy's portfolio of training courses for FIDI Affiliates. The training helps affiliates ensure their staff consistently provides quality expert packing services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction whilst minimising damage and loss.