The pre-move survey

It is always advisable to get quotes or research guide prices for relocation to any destination. To do this, a home survey can be arranged.

The home survey should be a free service and is the most accurate way of obtaining information to prepare a quotation for your overseas move. A home survey does not mean you will be obligated to use that company's moving services.

The surveyor will arrive at your house at a pre-arranged time and date. He will walk through your house with you from top to bottom on a room by room basis, noting down the items you would like to ship. During the walk through, the surveyor will advise you on items which you may not be able to ship due to customs regulations in your destination country.

At the end of the walk through, the surveyor will then go through the details of your move. Customs information, duty and tax issues, international shipping routes and transit times will be discussed as well as possible moving dates and possibly additional moving services you may need such as storage, insurance and destination services.

From the information obtained during the home survey, the company will produce a quotation outlining the details of your move.