It’s not always practical to take all your belongings with you on an international move. FIDI Affiliates' storage facilities will store anything you need to leave behind, for the short or long-term.

FIDI Affiliates provide warehouse facilities which are all well equipped and designed to protect your goods. Whether the warehouse is owned, leased or subcontracted, FIDI Affiliates are assessed on a series of storage conditions in order to comply with FIDI-FAIM's certification programme. For example, they will have to provide evidence that:

  • There is a dedicated area of a warehouse designated for storage and/or handling household goods
  • Protection against natural elements is foreseen
  • Secure entrances/exits are foreseen
  • Warehouses are properly maintained and present a safe environment
  • Facilities can safely keep large, bulky items such as cars, or delicate valuables like antiques

When companies have FAIM accreditation, it means that their storage facilities have been audited, that their facilities meet the highest quality and security standards, and that their FIDI partners’ storage facilities meet the same criteria.