Blockchain for Global Mobility webinar

blockchain in shipping

Blockchain is one of the many innovation buzzwords that promise to change the way we interact and do business with our peers. Some say that it will make our lives easier – others say it will make us lose control. Whatever your opinion might be, one thing is clear: Blockchain will have an impact on the world of logistics and global mobility – and we need to prepare ourselves for upcoming changes.

However, to make a well-informed decision, we first need to understand the concept of blockchain and its practical applications in the moving and relocation industry.

While blockchain is a foundational technology for the future of global mobility and logistics, it is merely a component of a broader solution. To help you understand what blockchain is and how it relates to the relocation industry, FIDI Global Alliance has teamed up with an expert on this topic: Sloane Brakeville from Fr8 Network. In this two-part webinar, Sloane will talk us through the background and history of blockchain and the potential benefits of this new technology for the stakeholders of global mobility and logistics in general.

The webinar "Blockchain for Global Mobility" is presented in two 40-minute parts:

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • What is Blockchain anyways?
  • Background
  • History of containers
  • Technology 
  • Examples specific to the relocation industry
  • Q&A

Part 2

  • Refresher on What is Blockchain
  • Global Mobility Case Study
  • Blockchain applied
  • Q&A

About Sloane Brakeville

Sloane has been heavily involved with blockchain and logistics solutions as part of IBM’s Blockchain Labs, where he built supply chain software as a founding member and solution architect.

He left IBM in 2017 to join Fr8 Network as CEO, where he is building tools to improve the communication and visibility of supply chain organizations. 

You can get in touch with Sloane on Linkedin, Twitter or via email.

Sloane Brakeville
Sloane Brakeville
Watch Sloane Brakeville at the Blockchain World Conference attendees, explaining the current inefficiencies of the logistics & supply chain ecosystems


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