Brexit: what next? Register to our webinar to find out

Brexit: how does it affect moving? Register to our webinar to find out

With a Brexit deal having finally been reached end of December, the big question in the relocation industry now is: what does this mean for the international moving business? Join our webinar to find out.

Webinar: "The road ahead: relocating between the EU and the UK after Brexit"

Thursday, 09 February 2021 at 16h00 GMT


Join FIDI Focus editor Dominic Weaver as he moderates this online conversation on the impact of Brexit on the cross-border moving business in the short- and long-term.

Some questions that will be addressed are: 

- What is the current situation for import and export of HHG?

- What are the policies/rules in place now?

- What will the medium- to long-term effects be?

- What should moving companies do to mitigate the effects (delays, extra costs, etc.) on their shipments to and from the UK?

If you would like register for our webinar, please click the link below or if you have any questions, contact us at

Finding answers to Brexit questions

In the current context of uncertainty, it can be difficult to find relevant and timely information. In preparation of our webinar, we strongly advise you to head over to FEDEMAC's excellent "Guide to Brexit". Here you will find regularly updated information on UK import and export regulations to and from different EU countries. And join us on social media to discuss how Brexit is affecting your business, and share best practices with your colleagues.


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