FIDI at the 2019 IAM Convention

IAM Convention 2019

Like every year, FIDI was present at the 57th IAM Annual Meeting & Expo in Chicago, Illinois from 3 to 6 October 2019.

The signature FIDI red booth was jam-packed with visitors throughout the IAM Expo in Chicago, with prospective applicants keen to find out what it takes to become FAIM certified. FIDI Affiliates, old and new, were also warmly welcomed by the team at the booth. Many new Affiliates came by to share their excitement at joining FIDI since the last IAM in 2018. Affiliation has proven to be a huge asset for their businesses, bringing both improved business processes and new business to their door. The team is looking forward to welcoming more of this year’s booth visitors as Affiliates at next year’s IAM Convention from October 21-24, 2020 in San Diego.

IAM Standardisation Summit – first steps towards more integration in the moving industry

On Thursday 3 October, the IAM hosted a Global Moving and Mobility Standards summit, inviting key stakeholders of the broader global mobility industry to discuss the subject of increasing standardization and the benefits of developing an integrated data exchange platform.

To get the conversation going, the invited panelists – Ray Da Silva from the IAM Mobility Exchange, Sloane Brakeville, CEO of Fr8 Network and Patrick Duffy, President of the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA) – discussed the benefits and challenges of an interoperability platform (allowing different systems and stakeholders to integrate and exchange information easily and securely).

One key phrase that was repeated several times over was the need to create a framework of trust, transparency and neutrality to overcome the endemic fragmentation of our industry. Even though the moving and relocation industry relies on tight cooperation between agents, there is still a tendency to be distrustful of industry-wide projects. The open discussion that followed however showed that the customers and suppliers are asking for the industry to work towards greater integration, and that the tools to facilitate this already exist.

The first steps now would be to increase our efforts towards greater standardisation and the definition of a common framework of rules. As Charles White, president of the IAM, pointed out: industry organisations such as ours are the vehicle to make this integration happen and should take a leading stance to create industry-wide engagement. With this in mind, FIDI, the IAM and OMNI have decided to align their efforts and have established the Moving & Mobility Standards Alliance.

Panel Discussion "Corporate Accounts, Government Customers, and RMCs: How to Get More Business?"

In our industry, we often hear complaints from moving companies about how RMCs and big corporate accounts have changed the rules of the relocation game. Move service providers feel that they are being forced into an impossible position: on the one hand, pushed into cutting corners due to pressure on pricing; on the other, they need to abide by ever more stringent and constantly changing compliance regulations.

To help the moving industry understand the logic behind the compliance requirements and to build a bridge between global mobility stakeholders, FIDI hosted a panel discussion entitled "Corporate Accounts, Government Customers & RMCs: How to Get More Business?" on 4 October 2019, during the IAM Convention in Chicago. One key takeaway of the session was that RMCs and corporate clients realize that building a relationship of trust and long-term partnerships is key to maintain a consistent level of quality. Movers and relocation companies also need to become more agile to be able to adapt to a new business reality and changing client expectations if they want to survive.

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