Global shipping crisis coverage

Global shipping crisis coverage

What is the current container shipping situation?

What is the current container shipping situation?
Credit: DiS Company Limited

FIDI issues an open letter on the global shipping challenge

We have released an open letter highlighting the ongoing challenges and the impact on the international moving industry. The letter dives into the causes of the crisis including an unexpected increase in international demand for goods and services following changing pandemic restrictions, a worldwide reduction in the availability of vessels, and a shortage of truck drivers and other staff in the logistics sector.

We suggest that you share this letter with your clients, partner agents and suppliers so that they can be informed of the disruptions across the industry and the fact that the crisis is expected to persist for some time before it starts to decline.

The ongoing global shipping crisis has been in the news worldwide since spring 2020, and it is having widespread effects on daily life everywhere. As we continue to face these challenges, we'll share relevant information and resources below to help you navigate the crisis.

  • McKinsey and Company  had an interesting discussion about why container shipping costs are surging and what lies ahead for the industry.
  • DiS Company Limited published an informative video on why there is a container shortage.


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