Q&A (Bertrams)

Does FIDI have real contacts with the school?

Yes. Back in 2006 FIDI Affiliates representatives visited the school and found it in a desperately rundown state. At that time Laura Wegener of Stuttafords made an impassioned appeal for the school at the FIDI Conference in Beijing in 2006. The appeal was immediately endorsed by the FIDI-35 Club who gave their ongoing support and raised funds for the children of the school.

Since then, FIDI has always been in contact with the headmistress of the school through Laura Wegener. In 2013, FIDI set up its Charity Committee, currently composed of Laura Wegener (Stuttafords), Alan Cartwright (Interdean), FIDI Secretary-General Michael Cassiers and chaired by FIDI Board member Laura Ganon. In 2014 a FIDI delegation visited the school and discussed the expansion needs with the school governing body.

How have the funds been used so far?

Since 2006 the FIDI-35 Club have been fantastic in helping in many different ways. Every cent has gone to the school, be it to the buildings, the teaching equipment or the wellbeing of the school children. For example:

  • In 2011 as the school was expanding because they had accepted more children, the FIDI-35 Club managed to have a portable cabin installed just in time for the new term, in addition to two other prefabricated classrooms for the pre-primary grades.
  • Money was also spent on electricity connections for the library.
  • The school underwent a facelift, including a total repaint, new gutters, upgraded wash facilities and a new toilet block for the pre-school kids.
  • Another action went towards a gardening project which taught pupils how to grow food and how the whole ecosystem works.

Who is participating in the fundraising efforts?

FIDI Affiliate Interdean started a simple but effective donation programme by paying US$5 per intercontinental move. Thanks to Interdean’s commitment and continuous support, US$ 61,300 were raised in 2013, with the expectation to raise an even bigger amount in 2014.

Meanwhile other FIDI Affiliates have joined this initiative:

  • New World Van Lines recently joined the initiative but decided to backdate their commitment starting from 1st January 2014
  • FINK also set up a US$5 per shipment campaign
  • G-Inter have committed to a donation of US$ 10,000
  • Paxton International have committed to a donation of US$ 10,000

“Our aim is constantly to reach out to our surrounding community, especially to our learners so that we can approach their education holistically by providing them with teaching and learning; co-curricular activities such as netball, soccer, volleyball, library, music, chess…; support; love and understanding. Without your contributions, the inspiration to bringing education to under-privileged learners could not be achieved” E.K. Twala, Bertrams Junior School Principal.  


For any further information, please contact:

T: +32 2 4265160 – email: BERTRAMS@fidi.org