FAIM 3.1

After more than a decade, the FIDI-FAIM certification programme has been widely recognized as the supreme seal of quality in the international moving industry.

Building further on the solid FAIM 3.0 foundation and responding to growing market requirements in our industry, FIDI launched in Q2 2015 the FAIM 3.1 Standard.


  • The previous version of the FAIM programme version 3.0 has proven to be a success story. FAIM 3.1 aims to achieve a higher level of global quality.
  • FAIM 3.1 responds to current industry market needs and industry regulatory requirements.
  • FIDI considers quality as a living platform hence the new FAIM 3.1 Quality Standard is the next logical step towards a quality maturity model based on self-assessment (internal audit) and continuous improvement.



  • is the current version of FIDI's worldwide recognised industry quality standard for inter-continental removals.
  • runs with a 3-year on-site audit cycle, assessed independently by a recognized quality assessor.
  • ensures that FIDI companies work towards a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services warranting global consistency of quality and services.


FAIM 3.1 in 3 Key Points



FIDI Affiliates need to demonstrate they are consistently compliant with strict Anti-Bribery & Corruption requirements, relevant Social Responsibility and Code of Conduct policies & appropriate Privacy Data Protection principles as FIDI Affiliates need to comply with up to date industry regulatory requirements and market needs.


FIDI Affiliates need to demonstrate quality performance in their Supply Chain as in the current competitive market, FIDI Affiliates need to prove they have the best controlled Supply Chain out there.


FIDI Affiliates need to demonstrate they are operating aligned with up to date FAIM requirements all the time, as FIDI Affiliates need to prove they are able to consistently deliver quality services. This level of quality is guaranteed in a global consistent way by all FIDI Affiliates wherever located in the world.