See who donates (Bertrams Junior School)

On behalf of the pupils of Bertrams Junior School, FIDI would like to acknowledge and thank the companies who have committed to support the school in 2014 by contributing an amount per international shipment or a fixed donation.

Santa Fe Relocation Services 5 USD/int'l shipment 17,383.64 EUR for Q4 2014


one-off donation 10,000 USD


Paxton International

one-off donation 10,000 USD


5 USD/int'l shipment 5,250 USD (for Sept-Dec 2014)


one-off donation 5,000 USD
WHITE & Company one-off donation 2,000 GBP
Tippet-Richardson one-off donation 1,990 USD
New World International 5 USD/int'l shipment


1,070 USD

Arpin Charitable Fund one-off donation 1,000 USD
Hilldrup one-off donation 1,000 USD

NEER Service

10 USD/ FCL shipment

650 USD as of 31/12/2014

Our thanks also go to John Mason International who have contributed this year too.

Last but not least we also want to thank all individuals for their generous donations: Sid Vallaydam, Luis A. Colmenares, Erwin Heeren, Michael Cassiers.

Any small amount will help! As we say, small streams make great rivers!