Social and networking events

Golf Tournament

The FIDI Golf Tournament took place at the Glyfada Golf Course on Sunday 12th May from 9:00 to 15:00.
In a closely faught battle Tony Oro (Whybirds International) narrowly beat James Chiou (Crown Van lines) with Timothy Ng (unigroup) coming in third. In the ladies competition Kim Ngoc (Saigon Van) overcame Rene Van Der Walt (AGS Frasers) to win.
Watch the pictures from the tournament.

FIDI Newcomers Speed Dating event - Sunday 12 May, 17:30-19:00

The best event for the newcomers - meeting with the FIDI Board and the FIDI Office staff!

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Welcome Reception and Dinner – Sunday 12 May, 19:30-22:30 & Party

The delegates were welcomed in the most Greek manner, with traditional Greek specialties as well as an atmosphere that refers back to ancient times, when Greece was not only the cradle of democracy, but also of Olympic games and western art and sculptures.

Photos form the event.

"Women On the Move" Cocktail Reception - Monday 13 May, 16:15-17:30

Open to all women (and exceptionnally man) registered to the FIDI Conference! Session was led by the Keynote speaker Danae Bezantakou.

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The "FIDI Conference Alumni" Cocktail Reception - Monday 13 May, 18:00-18:50

FIDI welcomed all FIDI Alumni who have attended 10 or more conferences. With this event, FIDI does not only want to gather people who will joke about past events they experienced together, but also thank them for their continued support and interest in FIDI. 

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The FIDI-35 Club’s Blue&White Beach BBQ Party – Monday 13 May

The FIDI-35 Club Party was organised at the Divani Apollon Palace’s private beach restaurant, the Mythos restaurant! The Clubbers were dressed in blue and white, the colors of Greece!

Photos form the party.

Half day City Tour including the Parthenon/New Acropolis Museum visits and subsequent FIDI Mediterranean night – Tuesday 14 May, 14:00-onwards

Visit to the Parthenon and the new Acropolis museum open to all FIDI Delegates as part of the Conference package. The city tour was immediately followed by the FIDI Mediterranean night.

Photos form the tour and the party.

FIDI Gala Night at Nasioutzik Museum / Byzantine Estate – Wednesday 15 May

The Nasioutzik Museum is a unique property just outside Athens. This is not a common museum, it is simply a fascinating place set on a green, peaceful hill, that makes any event unforgettable. The Delegates enjoyed a tasteful dinner, a spectacular setting, great dancing and fun.

Photos form the Gala Night.