What BJS children say

"My hobby is soccer. At home I stay with my mother, father and sister. Even though my parents are not earning much, they want us to be educated. When I grow up I want to be a scientist.(...) I am happy because my younger sister will remain at Bertrams Junior School until she completes her grade 7 because of the new classrooms that FIDI is going to build for our school." Hussein, 10 years, grade 4



"My hobby is netball. My favourite food is burger from Nandos. My favourite subjects are English and maths. When I grow up I want to be a pharmacist because I love medicine and it will help a lot of people. I wish I could find a cure for Ebola so it could not destroy people's dreams and hopes. I would like to go to London. (...) I can't wait to see the new classrooms. We really appreciate everything that FIDI has done for our school." Rushana, 11 years, grade 4.





"When I grow up I want to be a Pastor. I want to help people understand God's word and know the importance of being a child of God. I also want to preach and pray for people who are sick. My dream is to have a family and a big church for my congregation. I want to have a family of five. (...) I am feeling jealous because I won't be here next year. This is my last year but if there is grade 5 I will come back. I am going to another school. Ehis, 10 years, grade 4.



"I am excited to go to my new school but I am going to miss you FIDI because of all the amazing things you did for our school - the three classrooms grade R, 1 and 2. I never thought you could do all these good things for us. I wish I could be here when the school reopens next year. Without you FIDI, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you." Rinae, 10 years, grade 4.  



"When I am 25 years old I will start working. (...) I will have a child when I am 29 years old.(...) I will always work very hard to help my family and children. Thank you FIDI for providing more classrooms for us. I can't wait to see how our school will look like (...). I think my dreams of being a doctor will come true becaue of you FIDI." Shakira, 9 years, grade 4.




"I thank God for giving me the courage of not feeling sorry for myself that I'm not working and instead I decided to volunteer my services and work as one of the administrative staff at Bertrams Junior although I do not earn a salary. Working at the school has helped me a lot to understand that even if the parent is unable to pay the school fees they can contribute in a constructive way in order to support the education of their children." Shirley Ngobeni, resident of Bertrams, 2 kids attending Bertrams Junior School.


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